Unit 3 Reading Response

Chapter six of Don’t Make me Think Revisited deals with how to design a website so that it is essentially self explanatory. What this means is that as designers we must take all of the information and break it down into pages containing similar data and then further break down the pages into sections containing content more relevant to each other. Since it has been studied and tried throughout the years Web designers have developed methods that work as conventions to follow for designers nowadays. Helpful conventions to follow that are very common would be the logo on the top left corner of the page, navigation bar below the header, a search bar within the navigation, and also it is becoming extremely common that the logo is or can double as the home button. By sticking to these conventions that are tried and have proven to work we can be a part of the group of great designers that have made user interface really easy to use and also responsible for uniformity within different websites. The fact that websites sometimes are exactly the same besides content is not necessarily a bad thing because at one point the whole concept of the internet was strange to everybody. I believe these conventions stuck around and are still used because early website designers figured out what worked and the stayed with that layout.

Links to similar readings I looked up are:





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